Rochester Collage Society: Unnatural Symmetry

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My work will be on exhibit from February 23 - 26 at the Yards Collective in a group show curated by the Rochester Collage Society. More information can be found on the Yards Collective siteInstagram and in the Rochester City  Newspaper.

This show is a celebration of collage. In the pursuit to share and grow the appreciation of collage, The Rochester Collage Society will be hosting Unnatural Symmetry. Hung on the walls of The Yards Collective Art Space will be over 40 collage artists from around the globe.

Unnatural Symmetry is an exploration of the aspects of life which do not quite sit soundly when we take the time to investigate them deeper. The concept of Unnatural Symmetry is brought to light through understandings and correspondences of balances and imbalances of the world, life, and perceptions. These are found in forms such as unnatural and natural, real and imaginary, predator and prey, life and death, and many more.

I'm excited to be part of this exhibit!