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Artist Statement

My work is concerned with the representation of women in the global economy. I consider how media representations of women reinforce the identities of women, and I strive to make work that challenges these representations. Furthermore, I ask, what is my role in the global economy, and I hope the viewers of my work posit ones’ own place in the global economy.   

Current projects examine the hierarchies of female beauty and self-care in the context of labor. The double meaning of labor is critical in my work: To Labor means to work and The Labor means the work. Who is caring for whom? Who is invisible and why? What and who is the work? What are the conditions of this work?

Using sculpture, collage, textiles, and performance to respond to these questions underscores the myopic, contradictory, and fragmented nature of the culture of beauty and self-care. Materials, images, and colors from these spaces allow me to consider female beauty in the context of the global economy from the point of view of the laborer as well as an object of the labor.

Similarly, I construct collage from government documents and legal materials. My love of legal codes and archival materials inspires me to work with vintage and historical imagery found in antiquated law and other books to construct abstract -- sometimes humorous -- collage. Incorporating painting and other mixed media techniques, I draw inspiration from my work as lawyer, law librarian, and research teacher. My work showcases the beauty and complexity of primary legal and nonlegal materials. I also highlight the physicality of the materials that I use, exploring the materiality and physical nature of text overtime. I like to imagine how disparate types of materials—images, texts in different languages, musical scores, and handwritten scripts, for instance—can be puzzled together to tell a story or explore an idea. 

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Julie Graves Krishnaswami is an active artist currently exhibiting and has a BA from Reed College, a JD from CUNY School of Law, and an MLIS from Pratt Institute. She has published articles on legal research pedagogy and regulatory research. Currently, she is the Associate Law Librarian for Research Instruction at Yale Law School where her Advanced Legal Research courses are regularly oversubscribed. She is currently an MFA (Visual Arts) candidate at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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